What is Feedhaven?

Feedhaven is a platform for storing and editing data in a generalized feed format. Feedhaven is meant to be used in combination with other tools to import and export data from other applicaitons. We suggest that you use Feedhaven to store most data that you care about on the internet, in order to keep forever and use easily for any purpose you choose.

Feedhaven is currently in development mode and has not yet reached alpha. We encourage you to take a look, but keep in mind that the codebase is lacking in tests and polish.

Recommended feeds to import to Feedhaven

Apps that can import data to Feedhaven

Feedhaven has a very simple REST JSON API. In order to import data to Feedhaven, first create a feed on Feedhaven, then post entries to that feed in the proper format. Two existing applications that can do that are:

We encourage you to either extend Huginn or write other apps to pull more data to Feedhaven.

Feedhaven feeds export directly to

Getting Started

Feedhaven was made to work easily with Heroku. It does requre a MongoDB database. We recommend MongoHQ or Mongolab to assist with providing a hosted MongoDB database. Both provide free storage for up to 500MB of data.

MongoDB with MongoHQ

If you sign up for MongoHQ with heroku, linking them is easy. Just set the relevent ENV to the uri mongodb://{username}:{password}@linus.mongohq.com:{port}/app{app ID}

Hosted Version

We are working to provide a paid hosted version directly through FeedHaven shortly.

Project Status

Feedhaven is still in early development. We expect to reach alpha in the next few weeks. So far the code is functional for importing, holding, and accessing data. However, there are still no tests, no user administration, and no data security layers. Consider the project very early stage.

Feedhaven data structure

The main structure of Feedhaven encompasses feeds and entries. One feed has many entries, and each entry belongs to one feed. All data is stored on MongoDB.


{ id (generated) : The unique identifier for the object
Title (required) : The title of the feed
Subtitle : Extra information about the feed
Source : A link of the website where the content is pulled from. In the case where this is ambiguous, please provide a description
Rights : The rights pertaining the public permission to use contents of this feed Tags : Tags for the feed
Categories : Categories hash
Icon : A URL to a picture used to describe this feed. The picture should be at least 100x100px, preferable square
Updated (not editable) : Most recent time when a feed collection / entry was edited, added, or deleted
Updated_at (Not editable) : Most recent time when the feed element itself was edited or created
Created_at (Not Editable) : The time when the feed element was created
Dump : A hash for any additional key values
author :
{ name : Author Name
email : Author Email
uri : Author Uri


{ id (generated) : The unique identifier for the object
Title (required) : The title of the feed
Summary : Extra information about the feed
Link : A revelant link or link to the original content
Published : The time the entry was published
Updated : The time the entry was most recently edited
Dump : A hash with any additional key values
author :
{ name : Author Name (if different from feed)
email : Author Email (if different from feed)
uri : Author Uri (if different from feed)


Path Method Description
/feeds GET List all feeds
/feeds POST Create a new feed
/feeds/:id GET Retrieve info on a feed object
/feeds/:id PUT Replaces a feed object
/feeds/:id DELETE Removes a feed object
/feeds/:id/entries GET List all entries for a feed
/feeds/:id/entries POST Create a new entry for a feed
/verify/:id/entries/:id GET Retrieve info on an entry
/verify/:id/entries/:id PUT Replaces a entry object
/verify/:id/entries/:id DELETE Removes entry object


Feedhaven is provided under the MIT License.

Build Status

Feedhaven is still very experimental and does not properly use tests.

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Feedhaven is principally developed by Ozzie Gooen with Bow Labs Inc in San Francisco. You can contact him at Ozzie@Bowlabs.org.